Welcome to Pretty Smile Dental Clinic

Our goal is to provide our patients the highest quality of dental care with the minimal amount of trouble. We are concerned about you and utilize the latest techniques and medications to ensure your comfort.

Just few minutes away from the famous Miramar beach, Panjim, it is a well equipped clinic with all the latest technology systems and a pleasant atmosphere which will provide you with utmost care and comfort.

It comprises of the State-of-the-art i-Brite Whitening System. All sophisticated technology combined with excellent treatment facility will ensure that once you enter the clinic, your dental problems are handled and cured with the maximum amount of precision and care.


Dental Practice

Do you want a better smile? Are you not happy with the colour of your teeth?

Well, then "Pretty Smile Dental Clinic" is the place you need to visit. The clinic is fully equipped with latest and modern dental facilities, technology and equipments; all of which help to achieve optimal results. High standards of sterlization and cleanliness is maintained here.

Our Clinic

Dr. Vidhya's dental clinic, which is located in Miramar, has the latest to offer in dental technolgy.. Read More

Meet Dr. Vidhya

Dr. Vidhya Pereira has ben in practice for the last 7 years in Mumbai and Goa. She has completed her International Certification of Asthetic Dentistry (I.C.A.D) from New York University College of Dentistry based in New York, USA. Read More